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Crafters Companion Demonstration Day - Part 2

By abigail, Aug 5 2017 08:41PM

Welcome to part 2 of my blog about my demonstration day at Crafters Companion. Sorry it has taken so long to post but I have been crazy busy the last few weeks. In the first part of my blog, I covered the preparation I carried out before the day. In this part I will give a summary of the demo day itself.

So, after a good deal of preparation spread over a couple of months, the day of the demonstrations finally arrived. Everything for the demos plus examples and kits were loaded into the car and we were off. I am lucky that my other half, Tom, is happy to come along to my events and help with setting up.

We were warmly welcomed by the store manager, Amy and the rest of the staff. Upon arrival the intruder alarm was going off and due to some kind of fault the staff were unable to turn it off. But after a rather deafening 20 minutes and a further emergency response visit from the Police, it was finally deactivated.

We were there a good 45 minutes early to give me a chance to set up my demonstration table and also arrange a variety of finished example pieces. As people started to arrive these made a good talking point and gave them something to look at whilst waiting.

And before I knew it, it was 10am and time to kick off the first demo session.

I had three different demonstrations prepared to fill the hour and a half session (repeated three times through the day); a bottle wrap to show the basics of fabric sculpting and dry brushing; a ceramic pot to show how to use Stone Art to create stone effects and to make clay; and if there was time left at the end, a highland cow to combine stone art clay with fabric sculpting.

All of the attendees were really lovely and were fully engaged throughout all of the sessions asking loads of questions. All of the demos went to plan and all of the pre-prepared samples allowed me to skip the lengthy stages of the projects.

Here is the finished pot that was created through the day - one side of the pot was done in each demo session.

Here are three things I took away from the day:

1. It was a Red Day

I gave each of the groups the choice of colour for me to use to demonstrate the dry brushing technique on the bottle wrap. There must have been something in the air or something subliminally influencing them because the first and last group chose red and the middle group chose pink. Certainly no room for my favourite 'go to' colour, turquoise.

2. You Can't Beat a Bit of Spontaneous Experimentation

One of the things I love about Powertex products is that they are so versatile and they are all compatible with each other. So invariably when someone asks 'what happens if...?' or 'can you...?' and it is something I haven't tried, my answer is 'let's try it'. This happened during the second demonstration when I was asked if it was possible to mixed the Powercolour pigment powders into the stone art clay. I have mixed up different coloured clays using the different colours of Powertex, but had never tried colouring ivory clay with pigments. So, I gave it a try using a little ultramarine blue pigment whilst mixing the clay and created a lovely soft baby blue colour. This was later obliterated by brown bister, but I had some very pretty blue flowers for a little while at least.

3. My Short Term Memory is Shocking

When I was planning the day, it seemed the most sensible and logical idea to repeat the same demonstrations three times throughout the day. And whilst I would probably do the same thing next time, it was worrying how quickly I was unable to recall what I had told to one group and what I hadn't. In fact, the third time round I had to really concentrate to ensure I didn't miss out any of the important information. Perhaps I need to resort to one of my trusty lists to have as a reference, just in case...

So, overall it was a busy and knackering day (I didn't even get time for lunch!) but I really enjoyed every part of it. I met some lovely people who are all passionate about crafts and creativity and I got to play with and talk about Powertex all day - pretty much perfect!

I'm really looking forward to going back on 20th August 2017 to run two workshops (mirrors and fairy houses). I hope some of you will be joining me.

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