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Five Reasons to Attend a Creative Workshop

By abigail, Jun 21 2017 03:36PM

Whether you consider yourself to be creative or not, there are plenty of reasons to try a creative workshop. Here are just five of them.

1. Take some time away from the real world, time for you

This has to be one of the best reasons and it is one of the things I hear time and time again from people who attend my workshops. Even if you are a creative type with loads of your own materials, maybe even your own craft room/studio - how often do you actually get to stop running around doing everyday stuff and really get stuck into creating without feeling guilty. That pile of washing up or ironing that keeps staring at you, that family member that needs your attention, the dog that wants walking, etc, etc.

Whilst you are there among it, there is always so much other stuff that you feel should take priority. So get away from it, just for a couple of hours (or more if you dare) and treat yourself to some time and headspace dedicated to you. Once you become absorbed into the creative process, you won't be thinking about all those things you 'should' be doing, you will be present in the here and now, focussed on what you are doing. If you've heard people talking about mindfulness - this is exactly what it is about, being present in the moment, not tying your mind up with worries about what has happened or what might happen. It is a simple concept but the health and wellbeing benefits are massive.

2. Express yourself - you might like it

Being creative is all about letting go of the left side of your brain (the rational, organised, sensible side) and giving the creative right side a chance to play uninhibited. It isn't about being the world's best artist and creating some masterpiece, it's about taking some raw materials and turning them into something else. I have run many workshops and they all start the same - each person has the same base materials and equipment, they are all shown the same ways of working with the materials and equipment and they all have access to the same examples of the completed project. But then the magic happens - everyone starts working with the materials, exploring, experimenting and unconsciously reflecting their own intrinsic style. Despite starting out at the same point, everyone follows a different path to completion, with different unconscious influences and the results never cease to make me smile. Every piece created is unique, different to every other piece - each expressing something of the maker.

3. Inspiration, equipment, materials and cleaner provided!!

One big advantage of going to a well-organised workshop, is that everything you need is provided for you (and usually more besides) and your project will be complete at the end. So, no having to find space to work in the first place, no running out of things part way through a project or starting something that you aren't going to get the chance to complete this side of summer.

At a workshop, you will be taken through techniques step by step, there will be examples of the completed project for guidance and inspiration if required. But once you find your feet with the craft there is the freedom and encouragement to experiment and follow your own creative path.

With a workshop, all you need to do is turn up, create, and leave - all the good bits without any of the responsibility for cleaning up the aftermath!!

4. Have fun!!

Creating is fun. Getting a bit messy is fun. Learning new stuff is fun. Sharing time and experiences with like-minded people is fun. Meeting new people is fun. Having a chat and a laugh is fun.

So, as creative workshops involve all of the above, they really are simply good fun and everyone needs to have fun.

5. Make something!!

It isn't a coincidence that I put this one at the end of the list. Whilst most people think that creative craft workshops are all about the projects you make, in my mind the fact that you end up with something fabulous is just a happy coincidence. The real benefits of creative workshops are related to the process of creating rather than the true artistic quality of the piece created. Let go of the restrictions of real life and let your imagination run wild for those few hours. Immerse yourself in the present moment and let yourself play.

At the end you will have created something beautiful and uniquely yours. That sense of achievement and pride that 'you made that' is a wonderful feeling that you will be reminded of every time you lay eyes on your completed piece.

So, if you are ever looking for a reason (or excuse) to attend a creative workshop, now you've got five which reflect the true value of allowing our creativity to roam free once in a while. Never let anyone persuade you 'it's not worth it' again.

If you live in the North East of England and you fancy giving a creative workshop a try - visit my workshops page to see what Powertex fabric sculpting and mixed media workshops are available near you. Alternatively if you are part of a group of people who would like to try a Powertex workshop, or you would like some 1:1 tuition, get in touch to discuss what I can do for you.

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Jul 28 2017 08:56AM by Linda Wakefield

Do you ever have workshops down south. I live in Bedfordshire.

Sep 7 2017 03:38PM by pat grennan

I would love to attend workshops in north York's. I live near skipton. Can you advice
Best Wishes Pat ��

Sep 7 2017 04:07PM by alagden

Hi Linda, I'm so sorry I've only just spotted your comment. If you haven't already, please visit https://www.powertex.co.uk/content/category/3-regions where you can see which tutors are closest to you. I can't see any in Beds but some of the others in the South East may not be too far from you (afraid my geographic knowledge of that area isn't great). Thanks, Abigail

Sep 7 2017 04:16PM by alagden

Hi Pat, great to hear you are interested in Powertex workshops. If you visit https://www.powertex.co.uk/content/category/3-regions you can look to see which tutors are nearest to you - I suspect it will be either York or Blackburn. However, if you don't mind a slightly longer trek, my most southerly workshops are Barnard Castle or Newton Aycliffe (not far off the A1) - you can see what I have got planned in at www.curiously-contrary.co.uk/workshops and I will be adding a few more dates in Newton Aycliffe shortly. Hope this helps, Abigail

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