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Five Ways to Use Powertex to Create Amazing Projects

By abigail, Jun 14 2017 11:37PM

I always describe myself as a serial crafter and I'm sure many of you will relate to this description. I love creating things and feel compelled to try any new craft medium or craft technique I come across, continually moving from one to the next. However, since discovering Powertex over a year ago I have been completely hooked by its versatility and the never ending possibilities of what you can create with it.

So in order to share my love of the stuff, here are just five of the things you can do with Powertex:

1. Use it as a fabric hardener

This is what Powertex was originally designed for and this is still one of the most brilliant things it can be used for. Coat your fabric in Powertex and then drape it, wrap it, scrunch it and twist it to create gorgeous textures and depth. Once dry you can use pigments and varnish to add colour and shading to really enhance the textures. Then, if that wasn't enough once it has been left to fully cure it becomes weather resistant and can go outside to bring a splash of magic to your garden.

2. Paint with it

Designed as a fabric hardener it soon became clear that it could be so much more and so it was renamed as a 'Universal Medium'; and it really is just that.

It comes in nine different colours, plus a transparent version and all of these can be mixed to produce further colours and shades. In addition to this there are the powdered pigments which can be mixed in or dry brushed over the base colours. And, as if that wasn't enough, there are the beautiful natural tones of the bisters that can be incorporated.

3. Turn things to stone with it

Introducing Stone Art - another Powertex product which allows you to create amazing stone effects on a multitude of surfaces. Use together with Powertex Universal Medium and bister sprays to produce realistic stone textures and colours.

4. Make clay with it

Not content with just using it to emulate stone, Stone Art can also be mixed into Powertex in larger quantities to create a clay. This can then be rolled, formed, used in moulds, stamped into - pretty much anything you would do with any other clay. And of course this can be combined with any of the previous techniques.

5. Combine it with your other crafts

For a serial crafter like me, one of the best things about Powertex has be to the fact that it can be combined with almost any other art or craft discipline. If, like me, you have boxes/cupboards/rooms full of bits and pieces that you have collected/hoarded over the years as you move from one craft to the next. Well, now you can delve back into these and give them a whole new life...

Here are just some of the materials and tools you can combine with Powertex to create amazing mixed media pieces:

Paper, card, wood and metal embellishments

Pieces of fabric, lace and trimmings (natural fibres)

MDF/Wooden or ceramic blanks

Stamps and printing blocks

Moulds, cutters

The only limit really is your imagination.

If I have tempted you, and you want to experience the magic of Powertex yourself and discover how it could transform your creative practices, come along to one of my workshops where you will learn all the techniques you need to unleash your imagination.

Visit my workshops page for upcoming dates and venues for my different workshops.

Apr 2 2018 01:31PM by jane mead

Hi I live to fare away from you to come to one of your workshop. I would so love to learn to do this do you do on line classes, or do you have any ideas how I could go about learning to do this kind regards Jane Mead

Apr 2 2018 07:55PM by alagden

Hi Jane, I'm afraid I don't do online courses, although it is something I would like to do in the future. There is a network of tutors across the country though, so there is possibly one nearer to you. Where do you live? :)

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