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My Awesome Marketing Planner

By abigail, Jan 20 2018 08:48PM

For my first blog of 2018 I wanted to share with you something that has helped me get more focused on what I want to achieve this year and has already started to steer my creative business towards where I want it to be.

And that is the Awesome Marketing Planner from The Girls Mean Business!

Firstly I have to say that I actually do believe it is a little bit Awesome and it takes quite a bit to impress me. OK, the cartoony style isn't really my thing but the content is spot on and there are pages to colour in throughout the planner - how can you not like something with colouring in pages!!

None of the principles are mega complicated or too scary, it is all very doable, everything is explained clearly and it all 'just makes sense'. It helps break things down into manageable tasks and prioritise which to tackle first. And once you've done this, things just seem so much easier to do.

So, what is it?

The main thing you physically get is the lovely stroke-able Planner itself. Each month has a full page calendar, a week to view diary, a social media planner, a tracking section for monitoring targets and some monthly tips and challenges. The layout is straight forward and intuitive. At the back there are extra notes pages and some stickers! But there is so much more to why it is so great than just the Planner...

Along with the physical planner you also get access to the e-portal which has a number of kick-start modules around key subjects like defining your business vision, setting and tracking goals, your super customer, blogging, social media strategies and more.

There is a dedicated Facebook group which is fantastically supportive and informative - you can get involved as much as or as little as you like.

There are additional workbooks online too - my favourite being the one about blogging and how to decide what to write about, how to structure them, etc. And every month you get an extra little bundle of videos/challenges/ideas etc.

It has been brilliant for me in terms of putting some planning and structure behind my social media rather than just posting ad hoc when I remembered/had time/had something new to say - I even went all crazy and put my first video on Facebook, with my face on it and everything!!! (Over 1.4K organic reach and over 750 views - so it was worth the pain).

And it could be brilliant for you if you want to get a proper hold on your business, whatever the size or stage? Or you need to learn how to market what you do better and more importantly learn who to market to? Or, like me, you need some encouragement and guidance to properly and regularly engage with social media? Or, also like me, are you just a bit of a stationary addict?

So, if you think you might benefit from a Planner like this, please use my affiliate link to visit The Girls Mean Business website where you can purchase the marketing planner system and have it in your hands in a couple of days (£39.99 plus P&P for everything, for the whole year).

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