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quill pen

tuesday 9th april 2019

11am, 12.30pm & 2pm


children's workshops

I run a number of different workshops with simpler projects aimed at the younger creatives out there. Many have a magical theme and are suitable for both boys and girls.


I have a minumum age limit of 7 years on my children's workshops. However, if you have a slightly younger child who is particularly crafty and can remain focussed on a project for an hour, please get in touch to see what workshops might be suitable.


These workshops last approximately 1 hour each unless it is a double project workshop. Children must be accompanied by an adult and although I do encourage parents and children to craft together, the adult is not required to participate.


Depending on the venue, the method of booking varies. Please see the information below for each workshop.


All of my children's workshops can also be provided as activities for childrens' parties - please contact me for more information about booking.

workshops available for children's parties

the two broomsticks, crook

magic wands

Kids - Magic Wands

Workshops at the two broomsticks can be booked by sending me a message with the workshop and time you would like to book, or you can book in person in the two broomsticks

Kids - Dragon Egg

dragon eggs

potion book

friday 19th april 2019

11am, 12.30pm & 2pm


Spell book Monster book workshops

spell books

monster books


from loft to loved, sedgefield

workshops at from loft to loved can be booked through this link, or you can book in person in from loft to loved

quill & potion book

thursday 18th april 2019

10.30am & 12.30pm


Wizard Hat childrens workshop by Curiously Contrary

mini wizard hats


Potion books -childrens workshop by Curiously Contrary Quill pen & Potions book - childrens workshop by Curiously Contrary Quills - childrens workshop by Curiously Contrary

no. 42, bishop auckland

children's workshops at no. 42 can be booked by sending me a message stating which workshop and how many places you'd like to book.

magic wands

friday 12th april 2019



Kids - Magic Wands