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In this workshop you will make a magical fairy house to welcome miniature mythical creatures into your home or garden. Take off the roof and you can store your precious items inside.


You will construct the base shape of your house first and then use Powertex fabric hardener, a selection of fabrics, lace and embellishments, and of course your imagination to sculpt the outside.


Once your house has been built and dried, it is time to introduce the magic with pigment colours applied using a dry brushing technique.


Powertex takes three weeks to fully cure, but after this your fairy house will be weather resistant and can be given a cosy spot in your garden.


Your finished house will be approximately 25 - 30cm tall.

fairy house workshop

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Dates and Venues

Saturday 16th February 2019, 1 - 4pm

The Two Broomsticks, Crook

£28 per person