These bottle collars are ready to buy - you will receive the collars shown.

(Wine/wine bottle is not included)


Dress up a bottle of wine with one of my gorgeous bottle collars - perfect if giving a bottle as a gift, these will last much longer than the contents! Or any something unique to your wedding tables.


Made using fabric with a fabric hardener, these collars are robust, removable and re-usable. They will slide easily on and off any similar shaped standard 75cl bottles of wine. The collars should not be submerged in water, but can be gently  wiped clean with a damp cloth.


Each collar is moulded around a bottle by hand and suitable embellishments added. The collar is then left to dry before colours are applied by hand using a brush to enhance the depth and textures of the piece. These processes mean that there will never be two identical collars.


I can also make bottle collars to order with themes and colours of your choice. Please go to my custom order listing to order or send me a message.

Bottle Collars - available now