Add a little bit of magic and fun to your home or garden with one of my fabulous fungi.


Name: Cowslip
Clan: Dapperling
From: Scaly Tooth Rock


Cowslip found a flip flop washed up on Truffleclub Sands once and uses it as sled to travel down Scaly Tooth Rock into the waterfall pools below.

Cowslip is a rock mushroom, i.e. mounted on a river rock. This means Cowslip can be placed pretty much anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Cowslip is weather resistant and can live inside or outside quite happily.

Including rock - H 10.5cm x W 11cm x D 10cm

My fabulous fungi are hand sculpted using fabrics and a fabric hardener before also being painted by hand. Each one is entirely unique, all the way down to their facial expressions, so you will never find any two the same.
Cowslip is one of my Wildflower Collection mushrooms.

Please note: My fabulous fungi are not toys and should not be given to young children.

Fabulous Fungi - Cowslip