Add a little bit of magic and fun to your home or garden with one of my fabulous fungi.


Name:  Rubble

Clan: Twiglet

From: Woolyfoot Bog


Rubble is a fun and sometimes boistrous individual. Rubble absolutely loves sausage dogs.


Rubble is a pot mushroom, meaning there is a spike attached to the base which can be pushed into loose soil in a plant pot or garden flowerbed.

Rubble is weather resistant and can live inside or outside quite happily.



Without spike -  H 8cm x W 6cm

The spike is approximately 10cm long


My fabulous fungi are hand sculpted using fabrics and a fabric hardener before also being painted by hand. Each one is entirely unique, all the way down to their facial expressions, so you will never find any two the same. 

My fabulous fungi live in a special, magical place called The Hidden Hollow.

Fabulous Fungi - Rubble