This kit is made to accompany my Online Statuette Workshop, providing you with what you need to create your angel, fairy or demon statuette.

(You can, of course, use this kit to complete your own project without purchasing the online workshop, although please be aware it does not include instructions.)


This kit is perfect if you already have the basic products for fabric sculpting (fabric hardener, pigments and varnish). If not, then add my large fabric sculpting starter kit and you're ready to go.


This kit contains:

Wooden pole base

1 x air dried clay face

1 x plaster of paris skull

Armature wire for wings

4.5m t-shirt yarn

Sand Paper

Fabrics - cotton jersey, stockinette, muslin scrim, cotton lace


Please check the materials list for the online workshop to ensure you have everything else.

You can also add other fabrics and embellishments you may have, my online workshop explains in detail what is suitable to use.



Statuette Project Kit