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about Curiously Contrary

  • Rhymes with "Mary Mary"... like the nursery rhyme

  • Describes both me and my creations

  • Has been making people smile since 2016

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about Abigail Lagden

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Me, at the start of my career 

change. There are a few more grey

hairs these days! 

This is me, the friendly face behind Curiously Contrary. 

I am an artist, designer and tutor (the fun bits), as well as marketing manager, social media guru, content writer, website designer, photographer, video editor, sales person and book keeper all rolled into one. 

I love all things magical, mythical and fantastical, which I think creeps out just a little in my work!

I like to appeal to the inner child that lurks inside us all and encourage people to allow their imagination out to play once in a while.

Here are a few (hopefully) interesting facts about me and how I got here:

  • I grew up in Hertfordshire, then moved around the UK following my studies and my career. I now live near Bishop Auckland in County Durham (North East England) with my partner and my Daisy dog.

  • I was never interested in traditional art at school and honestly cannot recall a single art lesson beyond primary school.

  • I have a Chemistry degree and a Masters in Forensic Anthropology.

  • I am quite an extreme introvert and can happily go days without any human contact.

  • I spent seven years working in Liverpool as a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI), followed by nine years teaching CSI's from across UK police forces and internationally.

  • In 2015, I started making things in my spare time and started selling some of my creations at local craft fairs.

  • In 2016, I discovered fabric sculpting, became the first certified Powertex tutor in the North East of England and began running my creative workshops in my spare time.

  • In 2017, I was made redundant from my role as a Forensic Trainer and decided to use the opportunity to change careers completely and become a self employed 'artist'. (Most of my friends and colleagues thought I was a bit crazy at this point!)

  • Since 2016, I have brought fun and creativity into the lives of countless adults and children through my workshops. I have also put smiles on the faces of even more people through exhibiting, sharing, displaying and selling my creations.

And this is what I love so much about what I do now. I love sharing the happiness I get from creating. I love seeing that little smile appear when people see my creations at markets and events. I love seeing the joy and pride people get from creating something themselves.


So, thank you for supporting me. Even if it is just by visiting my website or liking my facebook page, it all allows me to continue spreading happiness as well as making me a very happy, creative bunny.

Love, Abigail xx

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