my name is abigail lagden, and I am the artist behind curiously contrary

This is me, at the start of my career change.

There are a few more grey hairs these days! 

Believe it or not, I was never interested in art at school. I loved my pottery classes in primary school but don't recall a single art lesson at secondary school.

Science and maths were my thing and I completed a chemistry degree before finding my dream job as a Crime Scene Investigator in Liverpool.


After a number of years as a CSI, I felt a strange desire to share my knowledge and skills, so I moved to the North East of England to train Crime Scene Investigator's and other forensic practitioners from across the UK and internationally. 

Then, in May 2017, our department was dissolved and I was made redundant...

...for me, however, this was not a bad thing.

During the last few years of my employment, as a means of preserving my sanity and managing my wellbeing, I discovered that I had a real passion for creating. I dabbled in numerous crafts and sold some of my pieces at small local fairs. Then in 2016, I discovered fabric sculpting and I became the first certified Powertex tutor in the North East of England. I started sharing my passion for fabric sculpting by running occasional workshops on weekends and I loved it.


So when redundancy came along, I embraced it as an opportunity to explore a new career in the creative world and took the plunge into full-time self-employment.

It has been an incredibly steep learning curve but I love every part of running my creative business, Curiously Contrary