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Enchanted Forest Journal Workshop - Video Tutorial

£20 - one off payment, unlimited access to video

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Learn how to a create magical design on a journal cover using fabric sculpting techniques.

My journal workshop is one of the most popular workshops I run and it is perfect for those who are new to fabric sculpting.

In this workshop, you will be taught all of the basics of fabric sculpting on a two dimensional project. You will learn what kinds of fabrics work best, how to create quick textures and which embellishments you can use.

I will also share my colouring technique for applying colours that will really enhance all your textures and add depth through shading. This will help you create a truly magical looking journal.

When I run this as a traditional workshop, it normally lasts around 2.5 hours. This allows time for me to demonstrate all of the techniques used and for participants to complete their journals. My online videos are condensed versions of my workshops and hence the videos are shorter than the usual session. Don't worry, they still include all of the information, demonstrations and teaching aspects of my workshops just minus the extra time for participants to complete each stage.

Please pause and replay the video as much as you need to allow you the additional time required to complete your own journal.

Music by Bensounds

Journal Workshop - Complete Online Tutorial by Curiously Contrary

Journal Workshop - Complete Online Tutorial by Curiously Contrary

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Materials Needed:​

  • A5 hard-backed spiral bound notebook

  • Fabric Hardener (i.e. Powertex, Paverpol, Sculptin)

  • Fabrics (natural fibre) - cotton lace, t-shirt, dishcloth, woven linen, muslin scrim

  • Embellishments - air dried clay shapes, metal toadstools

  • Plastic plate (or something to pour the fabric hardener into when working with it)

  • Flat brush

  • Gloves

  • Cling film

  • Powdered Artist Pigments - turquoise, green, orange, mocha, white pigments and gold mica powder

  • Water-based varnish

  • Paper palette (or something to mix paint on)

  • Kitchen roll

Materials in purple are provided in my Enchanted Forest Journal Project Kit.

Materials in orange are provided in my Fabric Sculpting Starter Kits.

If you do not have the exact fabrics and embellishments listed, you can of course use alternatives and adapt your project to suit what you have available.

I have used a grey fabric hardener and the pigments listed but you can of course use your own choice of base colour and pigments.

It is advisable to wear an apron and to protect your work surface with a plastic cover/tablecloth as this can be quite a messy craft.

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