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This kit contains all of the essentials to start you off on your journey into fabric sculpting. You just need to add the fabrics, embellishments and ideas.

If you have purchased one of my online workshops then it will provide what you need to complete at least four of my smaller projects (e.g. journal, gnome, bottle collar)

There are two options containing different numbers of pigments.


Both kits includes:

500g bottle of fabric hardener (choose from grey, brown or black)

A flat, synthetic paint brush

20ml bottle of varnish

One pair of medium nitrile gloves

One piece of paper palette

An information/instruction sheet


The primary kit includes five pigments:

Red, Blue, Yellow, White and Bronze


The deluxe kit includes twelve pigments

Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Orange, Burgundy, Turquoise, Mocha

Gold, Bronze, Silver

Fabric Sculpting Starter Kit

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