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These kits are made to accompany my Online Horns Workshop, providing you with what you need to create your own horns.


The 'Basic Project Kit' provide you with what you need to create your base shape and the fabric to cover the horns.


Horns Basic Project Kit contains:

  • Metal headband (the exact style may vary from the one shown in the image)
  • Muslin
  • T-shirt yarn (8m)
  • Masking tape


The basic kits are perfect if you already have the other basic products for fabric sculpting (fabric hardener, pigments, varnish, etc).

If not, then select the 'Full Project Kit' and you'll have everything you need.


The 'Full Project Kit' contain everything in the corresponding Basic Project Kit, plus:

  • 250ml bottle of Fabric Hardener (Brown)
  • 20ml bottle of varnish
  • 4 x 3ml pots of matt pigments
  • 1 x 3ml pot of mica powder
  • Flat synthetic bristled brush
  • One pair of medium nitrile gloves
  • One sheet of paper palette


To complete your horns, you will also need some kitchen foil and some strong adhesive tape.


You can, of course, use this kit to complete your own project without purchasing the online workshop, although please be aware it does not include instructions.


If you would like to buy this kit as a gift which includes access to the online workshop, please see my Gift of Creativity listing.


Horns Project Kit

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